Frequently Asked Questions
01.What is the ENG?

Endless Board Game is an online gaming platform that provides amazing and creative board games for enthusiasts all over the world so, they can learn many common life strategies while playing and earn real money. Also, this project will host many innovative games as a platform to implement them and help the new and young game creators and developers.

02.What is ENG used for?

The ENG token is the main element of the Endless Board Game ecosystem which all the actions of this ecosystem are done with this token.

03.What wallets can I use to register for the ENG?

All wallets that support Binance smart chain tokens (BEP20) can hold this token.

04.How do I earn ENG?

There are 4 ways to earn money in Endless Board Game:
1 - Play with other players
2 - Purchase, hold and trade ENG tokens
3 - Create new and innovative games.
4 - Advertising on this platform

01. Which CryptoCurrencies can I swap for ENG?

You can always swap ENG with BNB or ETH in all DEX platforms that we are listed.

02.Is there a way to get ENG for free?

There are 3 ways to get free ENG:
1. Our Airdrops
2. With creating a new and innovative game or winning the Endless Board Game’s current games.
3. Advertising after you’ve reached a certain point of popularity.

03.How much ENG will be circulating in total?

The total circulating amount of ENG is 800,000,000

02.Do you plan on burning any ENG?

03. When the musics over turn off the light?

This project doesn’t have a token-burning structure. This means that the token circulation between the players and the achievements that players gain makes it more valuable.

01.How can I add the ENG token to my MetaMask wallet?

1. Click on 'Import tokens', located at the bottom of the 'Assets' tab on your wallet homepage.
2. Switch to the 'Custom token' tab at the top, and then enter the ENG token address in the first field.
3. Wait a few seconds, the token symbol and token decimal will autofill.
4. Click 'Add Custom Token' to proceed.
5. You will now see a page asking you to confirm that you want to add the ENG token. When you click 'Import Tokens', the ENG will be added to your wallet.

04.Do I need to know how to code in order to make a game?

In order to make a new game on the Endless Board Game platform, you don’t need to be a professional programmer. Our team will support you during the whole process and help you to manage your game properly.